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Episode 5 – Wild at Heart

I ask Denny to bring me my Daytimer, the one with the green elastic around it, from my purse. I am settled in my chair with my fuzzy grey blanket wrapped around me and it’s too much effort to get up and re-settle. Denny already brought me my reading glasses. In the Daytimer are notes, actual notes on paper, written with a pen.

Yesterday at work I was obsessive about cleaning up and organizing. My boss is away in India for three weeks. That’s not a bad strategy in the month of January. So, for three weeks I have the office pretty much to myself.

I decided I needed to print additional identical green labels for the office mailboxes for staff and volunteers. The mailboxes are really just black plastic trays stacked on top of each other, sitting on top of the hutch of an office desk. It took me awhile to locate the labels and then even longer to print them.

It’s something I should have had a volunteer do. I started training three different office volunteers but they have specific skills sets and even more specific schedules. Besides the fact that they don’t have access to my computer.

One mailbox hasn’t been disturbed since I started work six months ago. It contains a box with a phone, and two books, The Measure of a Man, and, Wild at Heart.

I wonder who ever checks this mailbox. I make a note to talk to some of the volunteers about it.

I think about some information that came in the mail yesterday on an organization called “Promise Keepers.” Promise Keepers is a movement designed to inspire men to keep their promises. That’s pretty much all we women know about it. They have rallies and get really intense about this.

On the brochure it says the theme of the next Promise Keepers rally is “Fearless.”

I take down the poster on the bulletin board for It’s a Wonderful Life Radio Show and post the Fearless poster. I tack another one up in the men’s bathroom.

Now, as I’m sitting across from Denny, I wonder if I should tell him about the Fearless rally. I decide not to.

Denny is playing his banjo.

The smoke detector goes off across the hall. Denny gets up and peers out into the hallway through the tiny glass hole in the door. “They’ve done that before. Burnt things.”

The couple across the hall have three children, two of which were born since they moved in at the same time when we did, three years ago. We often hear a lot of commotion going on there. Stomping, yelling, loud tribal sounds that I think are to get the kids to quiet down. The man who lives beneath them sends threatening text messages to them. The management company got a mediator to talk to them and told the man downstairs he could no longer vent by text but had to come upstairs and talk to the couple through their door. We weren’t sure that was the best idea, but what did we know? They speak some English and Denny has been trying to get them to understand how this sort of arbitration works. Now it is to the point where the man is forbidden to come upstairs to talk to them.

Denny puts his banjo away after the interruption. I’m thinking I probably couldn’t interest him in The Measure of a Man or Wild at Heart.

I like that Denny knows what he wants and doesn’t want and is pretty fearless about coming out with it. I’ll leave him to to the influence of Jeffrey Archer and Louis L’Amour.

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