Humor, Senior Life

Episode 10 – Halva

“I hope somebody has my sense of humor, or else this will all be a waste.”

“I have a little of your sense of humor,” Denny assures me, half distracted, probably looking at shoes on his computer.

We had a success story the other day. Actually it was New Year’s Day. We had no big plans so we went for a drive after dinner. I wanted to go across the border to a Mexican restaurant. Denny thought it would be closed. Instead we went for Japanese. The roll I ordered had more raw fish in it than I anticipated. I’m still a little squeamish about raw fish. Denny selected something with cooked meat.

Denny doesn’t like to complain in a restaurant, not that there was anything to complain about. The food was actually quite good. But there was an occasion when we lived overseas, working for another non-profit, when we found a newly opened pizza restaurant. Denny ordered a ham and pineapple pizza that was clearly sliced wieners. The wieners weren’t the problem, though. I noticed that the crust was speckled with small black dots. At first I thought they were large pepper flakes, but on closer observation I saw they were small bugs.

“They’re cooked,” Denny told me and the kids. “Extra protein.”

He refused to make a fuss. So we ate what was before us.

We finished our New Year’s dinner and decided to pick up a few groceries. Stores would be closing early and I suggested we get some special snacks—treats for the evening.

“Like what?” Denny asked.

“Anything you want, that’s special.”

I wanted halva. I couldn’t remember the last time I bought it.

I had no idea where to find it. We searched all over Safeway and then went to another grocery store. Now I remembered that it was in the refrigerated section but I couldn’t find it there either.

I couldn’t believe there was no halva in the store. A sense of hopelessness was creeping up on me. I gave myself a little pep talk. Sometimes we get the things we want and sometimes we don’t. This was difficult, challenging—but not hopeless. I walked to a corner display of sausages and cheeses, and there sat one lonely piece of halva. Sometimes we get what we want.

I held the package up for Denny to see as he was coming my way. Victory!

Relieved, he tells me that yesterday, when he went shopping for the cranberry sauce for the turkey, he couldn’t find it either. He finally asked. I look at him in obvious surprise.

It was in with the pickles. “Of course,” he said to the clerk. The clerk eyed him strangely.

We scan the deli area to see if there is anything else we want. I spot a large liver sausage on sale. I hand it and the halva to Denny and he takes our items through the self check out.

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