Family Life, Humor

Episode 11 – After-Christmas Shopping

We were after-Christmas shopping, or rather, after New Year’s shopping. I could not remember Denny and I spending this much time together in malls since we had our babies.

Denny wanted to buy me moccasins for “Christmas.” A sign in front of a discount shoe store in the basement of the mall alerted us to a twenty percent off sale. They were not Soft Mocs, but similar. Canadian made too. I picked a pair.

At the cash I had to remind Denny that this was a Christmas gift so he was buying. The clerk informed him that it was a final sale.

Denny got chatty and told the clerk that I had been wearing his size twelve slippers.

“Like boats,” the clerk grinned.

Denny laughed. He thinks I look cute in them.

At home Denny tells me my new slippers suit me. They are “Rosie” slippers. Furry and grey with beading on top.

We are having turkey soup for dinner and I put the soup on the stove to heat. Denny was the one who gave me the idea to add barley to the turkey soup. We cooked the leftover turkey bones for soup stock and needed two pots to hold it all. Earlier today I strained the broth and added some carrots, celery, onion, Tabasco sauce and Mrs. Dash. I couldn’t think of what of spices to add and these smelled like they would be tasty.

“I think I’ll bring Erna some soup tomorrow. Otherwise we’ll be eating on this for the next four days,” I say at the table.

Denny responds with a hearty laugh. He doesn’t mind. He won’t even complain. The important thing is that there is food.

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