Everyday Life, Humor

Episode 12 – Happy Writing

“I’m glad to see that you’re happy when you’re writing.”

“I’ve decided I’m only going to write when I’m happy.”

“Well then it’s going to be a good book if you’re happy writing it.”

Denny had just walked in the door and told me about fixing a spraying toilet. He does odd jobs at a college for a some extra cash.

“You could have just called it a bidet and been done with it.”

I realize by his tempered response to my attempt at humor that it must have been a tough job.

“Funny, this girl’s first dorm room had the same problem and this semester she moved into another room and would you believe it, it happens again.”

“Maybe she’s got some kind of magnetic field that sets it off.”

“No, the gasket was completely brittle.”

“Old plumbing.”

“Keeps me employed.”

Denny teaches music and fixes plumbing on the side. He does security too. Music isn’t a very lucrative field. But if you’re doing what you love, you do what it takes to keep going.

Denny is sitting in my chair now, with his laptop, “That guy ticked me off today. I hope I didn’t sound ticked off on the phone.”

I am opposite him on the sofa, recharging my computer.

“What guy?”

“The guy that wanted me to switch his lesson time. I hope I didn’t sound ticked off.”

“Ah, don’t worry about it,” Now I remembered hearing Denny on the phone earlier. He hadn’t really sounded ticked off. I mean, not the way I know ticked off.

“You didn’t think I sounded ticked off?”

“No you didn’t. And if you did, I wouldn’t worry about it.”

“I told him it couldn’t be Wednesday. I got other people inconvenienced about his piddly thing,” Denny was sounding ticked off now. “I told him in the beginning it could only be on Friday. In the fall he wanted us to arrange his lesson for Wednesday. I already had to change things around for him so that I could do it on Friday, move other classes up so that I could make it to his lesson on time. And he only wants me to teach every other week at that.”

What I couldn’t figure out was why a guy would call him at home, on a Saturday night, during his Christmas Holidays, to ask him to change his schedule to Wednesday. He should be talking to Denny’s boss who does the scheduling. Denny told him he could check back in the fall but if he wanted his lesson on Wednesday then he would have to get a different teacher because he was booked.

“Oh, this makes me feel better,” Denny sounded relieved and pleased. “There is a store here that is taking pre-orders. That means they’re still making them. You can’t get them now, but in a few months. I was worried that they didn’t make them anymore. But if they are taking orders then obviously they still are.”

It took a few seconds but I figured out he was back to the subject of shoes. Denny was getting worried that the the shoes he liked might be discontinued.

“Are those the water shoes?”

‘No, they’re not the water shoes. I’m not totally sold on the water shoes. They are the kind of shoes I wanted as far as the support style.”

“Or the lack of support. ‘Cause you said they didn’t really have any support.”

Denny glanced up from his laptop and nodded his head.

Well, I was glad they were still making his shoes. And glad that Denny was happy.

I heard his his laptop snap shut and I looked up as he stood up, “Did.”


He shuffled over to his banjo and picked it up off it’s stand.

“Huh?” I asked again when he didn’t respond. Did what?

“Dead. My computer’s dead.”

“Oh,” I thought you said, “Did.” I look at my computer that is safely plugged in and continue typing.

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