Humor, Situational Comedy

Episode 9 – Water Shoes

It’s Friday night again. I show Denny the shoes I bought today. I returned the black ones with the button on the side that reminded me of old ladies’ shoes. Denny approves of my new, low, suede boots with rhinestones. I start to feel nauseous and wonder if it is the stress of shoe shopping.… Continue reading Episode 9 – Water Shoes

Everyday Life, Situational Comedy

Episode 8 – Shoes

“You aren’t saying anything about my shoes. Don’t you like them?” We are nearing the cash register. Earlier I saw Denny looking at the shoes he is now holding. “They are a bit bright yellow,” I respond. I never refuse Denny if he wants to buy something for himself. “Too strange?” “Oh, I’m getting used… Continue reading Episode 8 – Shoes