Fiction, Senior Life

Episode 17 – Smiling

“You’re smiling again,” Denny says. “It makes me curious. I’m getting pretty anticipatory about this project.”

“I told Erna I started a new book. She wants me to finish it before May or June.”

“You have to finish it by then, otherwise it will be in conflict with your trip to New York.”

The real reason for my trip out east is to do some research for the book I started nearly twenty years ago. Go figure. My life is revolving around a book I’ve given up writing. I’ve now planned a research trip to New York. I am getting very forgetful these days.

“The lap pool is open for laps in Fleetwood at 8:00 o’clock tonight. I think I’ll go and do some lapping,” Denny has put away his banjo. He is grabbing his gym bag.

Lapping. OK.

“Is there a towel in here?” he asks me as he zips open his gym bag.

“I don’t know,” I gave him a towel. I don’t know if he put it in his bag.

“I put whatever you gave me in there.”

“You’d better check.”

“Here’s the towel. Did you give me a plastic bag?”

“No, I didn’t”

He pulls a plastic bag out of the gym bag. There are two t-shirts in a plastic bag. Denny forgot where he put his t-shirts, but there they are.

Denny asks if I have some quarters for the lockers. I get him to bring me my wallet. In the change purse area I see a set of three keys. I give him a couple of quarters. I’m thinking about those keys. For my previous job I had similar keys but they were numbered 220 and 222. I look at the tag attached. It says 204, 205. Where do these keys come from and what are they doing in my wallet?

“They have free swim at Fleetwood once a month and free swim at Newton once a month. We could go twice a month on different days,” Denny tells me, with child-like animation.

“There you go,” I smile at him. What a great idea. Free swim.

“If you buy me a gym membership I have to use it.”

I bought him a gym membership and he is using it.

That is the thing about Denny. He won’t waste anything. But me, I can rent a studio, never mind buy a gym membership, and not use it. Then it hits me. Those keys are for my studio! I seriously forgot.

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