Family Life, Humor

Episode 21 – Prius

I was cleaning out a storage area at work and found a bunch of swim shorts and t-shirts and towels. One woman wanted the towels so she took them. There was a nice pair of Triple X size shorts and I wondered how difficult it would be to find a similar pair. I thought of offering them to a woman whose husband they might fit. But I didn’t. And Denny thought it was a good thing. A good thing that I didn’t.

At times I am less in tune with what is proper decorum than Denny. He had no problem seeing right off that I shouldn’t offer them to her.

My mom would probably have encouraged me to ask and have seen nothing wrong with it. She is more practical that way. She gave me a half slip undergarment from a woman who passed away when she did home care. That was just a bit awkward.

I once bought a bra for a college girl and gave it to her, very discreetly, of course. I just saw this bra in the store and it had her name on it. So I went with it. Seriously, when do you find a size 31 bra?

I tried to explain to Denny. It was one of those times when I could see he opted out of even trying to follow my reasoning. Or lack thereof.

I took another college girl shopping for a wedding dress. She was rather well endowed and was trying bras too. I learned that day that the bra specialists in every store will all recommend a different size.

Denny isn’t one to give away things. He isn’t one to try and sell things either, for that matter. Last week I put our electric piano on Craigslist for fifty bucks. Denny was loading it in the car to take to the thrift store before my ad hit the internet. I had to stop him from leaving with it and tell him there was a person inquiring about it. She was asking whether we would deliver the piano for the fifty bucks. Denny looked surprised. He delivered it to her and when he came back with the fifty bucks he told me that she didn’t even dicker over the price.

Denny doesn’t like to bargain either. When he was looking to buy a car we drove onto the Toyota car lot and I saw an orange Prius parked on the display ramp. Denny wanted a Prius. This one was two years old. I figured I’d see if we could get it for a decent price. I mean, how badly could they want to keep that orange car on the lot?

I did some calculations and offered what I thought was a fair price. The salesman took it to his manager. He came back and said that his manager laughed at my offer. In hindsight we should have walked out, but Denny stayed and bought a new car instead. He doesn’t like dickering.

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