Family Life, Humor, Situational Comedy

Episode 30 – Cute Ears

“I just wiggled one ear. Can you do that?” Denny wiggles his ears and I laugh.

“It looks really cute when you wiggle your ears.”

“The children think it’s cute too when I wiggle my ears.”

“Really? You wiggle your ears for the children?”

Denny nods, his eyes wide open and bright as he continues to wiggle his ears, to wiggle just one ear.

Denny has a bit of a low opinion of his looks, although I think he’s handsome. But he is proud of his little ears. And they are very shapely ears.

“I think my ears are growing.”

“Yeah, they’re getting big.”

“No, they’re not!”

I can’t resist teasing Denny about his favorite feature.

“I heard that your ears and your nose keep growing,” he tells me.

“I heard that too. It looks like your ears are getting bigger.”

“Be quiet,” Denny is feeling his ears with his fingers.

“I’m just kidding. You have the most beautiful ears. They’re just a wee bit bigger now.”

“Stop that.”

I’m laughing.

“Or I’ll tease you about your nose.”

“I have a nice nose.”

“I know you do.”

He really wouldn’t. Denny is too kind.

I’m reminded of an incident as a child when my dad went to get the mail. We had to drive into town for our mail and the whole family was in the car. As my dad came out of the post office, a guy, most likely drunk, yelled at him, “I’ve never seen anybody with a nose as big as yours.” Of course we kids could scarcely contain ourselves in the back seat. My mother hid her smile behind her hand and my dad aggravated the situation by threatening to report the fellow to the cops. We pictured that and laughed all the more.

My dad was a handsome man and his prominent nose really did not detract from his appearance. However, he had a bump on the side of his nose. One day I saw him with a bandage on his nose. When I asked about it he said he had the bump removed. I can’t say I ever thought about that bump until he mentioned it. It was the remark from his sister that motivated him to have it removed, “Oh, you still have that bump on your nose.” Well, he was probably seventy at the time, and he took care of it.

But it is true, noses and ears keep growing. My dad had big ears, and mine are not as small as Denny’s, as Denny has also astutely observed.

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