Fiction, Humor

Episode 48 – My Mother

I don’t know why but I’m shaking. This morning when I got up I had pain across my mid back. I’ve been in for tests this week. I kept this information about my doctor's visits and tests out of my conversation with my mom, when I called her a couple of days ago. I hadn’t… Continue reading Episode 48 – My Mother

Everyday Life, Fiction

Episode 47 – Cross-Cultural

“Your pants have a hole in them,” I say to Denny, as I pull his pants out of the washing machine and put them in the dryer. I’m wondering if I should dry a pair of pants with a hole in them. “Which ones?” “These,” I take them out for him to see. “Do I… Continue reading Episode 47 – Cross-Cultural

Family Life, Situational Comedy

Episode 46 – Embarrassing Surgeries

“I’m not feeling that great, but I’ve got lots of ideas for writing.” “That’s what you’re supposed to be doing. Writing your book. It’s what you love to do. It’s good that you’re working on it. You seem to be excited about it.” I don’t respond, but I am excited. Denny can tell. “I’m thinking… Continue reading Episode 46 – Embarrassing Surgeries