Family Life, Humor

Episode 41 – The Entertainer

I’m removing my makeup in the bathroom at the end of the day. Denny comes and tells me about the plush dog he got for Christmas from one of his preschools and which he now uses in his class. “I hold the dog like this,” he demonstrates with his hand and the imaginary dog. “And… Continue reading Episode 41 – The Entertainer

Family Life, Situational Comedy

Episode 40 – Thrift

    Denny met an unusual friend when we lived in Indonesia. He came to visit us from Michigan. We actually met a lot of unusual friends while we were teaching there. Some of the expats were ex-cons, fugitives, fleeing the law in their home country. Friends told us this. They were from Europe and had… Continue reading Episode 40 – Thrift

Everyday Life, Family Life

Episode 38 – Slippers

“The girls weren’t as excited about the slippers as I thought they’d be,” I’m talking the moccasins I bought our daughters-in-law for Christmas. “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.” “But the boys sure were pretty tickled about theirs.” “Yeah,” it’s true, they were. I should be thinking about that. “Well, we have a pretty good… Continue reading Episode 38 – Slippers