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Episode 34 – White Spot

We are sitting at White Spot. I ordered a Provolone and Portobello Mushroom Veggie Burger. I’m surprised to find that Denny deviated from his usual burger and ordered grilled chicken. I’ve trained Denny not to constantly check his phone when we are in a restaurant. I mean, how annoying is that? When there are only… Continue reading Episode 34 – White Spot

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Episode 33 – Phone Plans

“How can you be so happy?” Denny has a decidedly more happy life than I have. “There’s so much to be happy about.” I’m quiet. “Make a list,” he tells me. I am known for lists. “Don’t do it. Because it will stress you out. Just three is enough.” Denny is walking around. He has… Continue reading Episode 33 – Phone Plans