Humor, Senior Life

Episode 51 – Domain Name Server

“I’m just so proud of you. I know the kind of challenge you were up to.”

“You do?”

It’s 2:30 a.m. and I can’t sleep. Denny never gets up in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep. But tonight is an exception and he has been talking to me for half an hour.

I’ve made Denny proud because I’ve done a computer “techie” thing at work. About four months ago our tech person moved away and left me with a job. He explained what I had to do, but I kept putting it off. I needed to transfer the POS – point of service- for our VOIP – voice over IP phones. That meant getting the IP address of all the phones, navigating my way around the VOIP site and figuring out where to make the change. I told Denny all about it.

“And then after I made the change on VOIP, the person who was helping me on a live chat told me that I still needed to go into my phone/device and make the changes there as well. I looked all over and checked and re-checked every drop down menu and couldn’t find phone/device. I asked the help person if the directory might be under another name. I finally figured out it was the phone itself he was referring too.”

“I would have thought the same thing,” Denny assures me. “That’s what you naturally assume when someone uses a slash, as in phone/device.”

Denny’s eyes glow with pride and I enjoy the moment. It amazes me that he has the patience to listen to every detail as I explain the process to him. He actually wants to hear about it. I am speaking his language.

“Once I figured that out he gave me a link to a site with instructions of what to do. It told me to press ‘star’ four times. Well, that didn’t work. I finally went down the list and discovered that I had a different kind of phone and I needed to type in each phone address and pull it up on the computer.”

“Your phones are all part of a DNS – direct network service.” Denny explained the difference to me between a LAN which is local area network and the WNS which encompasses all computers world-wide. I have to be on our network to pull up the phone information.

“When you type in the 192.168 address there is a computer called a Domain Name Server (DNS) that converts it to a number. All web addresses are numbers. That’s why when you type in your phone IP addresses they come up. But you have to be on your network to pull up the information.”

I had been thinking it would be very easy for anyone to pull up our phone information, given that the first six digits are the same for all phones. But the difference is that it needs to be pulled up from our network. Denny said it wasn’t that easy for others to access, due to firewalls, but admitted he didn’t know exactly how access was blocked.

“I’m so proud of you. That’s amazing what you did.”

“Well, the tech’s information was really helpful. Once I knew I had to pull up the phones on the computer it all began to make sense. He had laid it out very well for me.”

Now I have a headache and Denny asks me if I want him to get me some tylenol. I tell him it didn’t help last night, but I’ll try it.

I down the Tylenol Denny dropped into my hand, and take a drink of water. Then he tucks me in and kisses me goodnight.

It doesn’t take long till I’m transported out of the world of  DNS and LAN and VOIP to dreamland.

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