Family Life

Episode 60 – Celebrating

Yesterday evening I suggested to Denny that we go for a walk. We got to the outside door of our condo building and realized it was raining. I wasn’t dressed for rain. So we went back inside again.

Today is my day off and I decide to go for a walk on the Seawall in West Van. I’ve been wanting to do this a long time. The other week I asked Denny but he didn’t want to go.

I head to my car in the underground parking. Before I turn the key in the ignition I look at the time and realize Denny might be off work and on his way home. I call him.

He is home. He is parking his car. And he wants to join me.

A few minutes later he comes to my car, open the passenger side door, and bends over and looks inside at me.

“Don’t you know it’s raining? Do you know how cold it is? It’s going to be rush hour traffic.”

I suggest a particular restaurant we could stop at on the way back.

“Who’s going to pay?”

“You are. I’m broke.”

No illusions.

He gets in the car.

It rained the whole time as we drove.

It rained as we walked along the Sea Wall. And it was cold. I had a big umbrella for us to share.

The coffee shop where we planned to stop was closed.

“This jacket doesn’t do anything to keep out the wind,” Denny is shivering and he looks miserable.

I sympathize with Denny. Usually I am the one that is cold. But I don’t yield, although I shorten the walk a little for Denny’s sake.

Half an hour later we get in the car and drive to the restaurant I wanted to go to. As I am looking for a parking spot Denny gets a notification on his watch that he has a text from our son. I manage to snag a great spot right in front of the restaurant and park while Denny reads his message on his phone.

“He got into Google IO,” Denny exclaims. I can tell he’s super excited.

I know this is big, although I don’t exactly know what it is.

“It’s where Google reveals all their latest developments. It’s in SanFrancisco. He’s applied for a few years. He finally got in,” Denny goes on. He looks like he’s won the lottery.

I learn that people submit their names for a draw and only a select number get to go to the big software-developer conference put on by Google.

Denny and I feel like we are celebrating as we take seats in the restaurant.

There is only one other table with customers. It’s a trendy place with red and black decor and shiny chrome accents.

Outside it’s turning dark. It feels cozy and warm inside as the lighting casts a soft glow on the red furnishings. I snap a few quick shots with my camera and send one photo to our son, along with congratulations, while Denny walks to a corner of the restaurant and calls him.

This is big. No one from his company has ever gone.

The waitress serves us two tacos, ready made, on a tray. Last time I was here, my sister and I made our own tacos. I wanted to replicate the experience. I have been waiting to show Denny this place. I am disappointed.

We enjoy our meal anyway and on the way back I take more photos of the city in the rain. It’s completely dark now. One picture turns out really artsy, like something I’ve seen in a painting.

“The rain created the atmosphere,” I comment to Denny as we drive. “It’s nice to get out in the rain once in awhile. We can’t always wait until conditions are perfect.”

It’s then I realize that somehow the keys have changed hands, without me noticing how it happened. Denny is driving.

“I like the West Coast atmosphere, and the rain,” Denny smiles. Now that we are on our way home he is admitting he enjoyed himself.

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