Everyday Life, Fiction

Episode 47 – Cross-Cultural

“Your pants have a hole in them,” I say to Denny, as I pull his pants out of the washing machine and put them in the dryer. I’m wondering if I should dry a pair of pants with a hole in them. “Which ones?” “These,” I take them out for him to see. “Do I… Continue reading Episode 47 – Cross-Cultural

Everyday Life, Situational Comedy

Episode 45 – Let’s Party

“Let’s party before we’re put out to pasture.” I read that on my friend’s cup as I drank tea at her house. “You can be sure I didn’t buy that. It was a gift.” She is older than I am, and determined to stay young. I smile a little. We’ve had the conversation about whether… Continue reading Episode 45 – Let’s Party

Everyday Life, Family Life

Episode 38 – Slippers

“The girls weren’t as excited about the slippers as I thought they’d be,” I’m talking the moccasins I bought our daughters-in-law for Christmas. “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.” “But the boys sure were pretty tickled about theirs.” “Yeah,” it’s true, they were. I should be thinking about that. “Well, we have a pretty good… Continue reading Episode 38 – Slippers