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Episode 38 – Slippers

“The girls weren’t as excited about the slippers as I thought they’d be,” I’m talking the moccasins I bought our daughters-in-law for Christmas. “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.” “But the boys sure were pretty tickled about theirs.” “Yeah,” it’s true, they were. I should be thinking about that. “Well, we have a pretty good… Continue reading Episode 38 – Slippers

Everyday Life

Episode 36 – Redneck

“That sounded pretty red-neck.” “Can’t get much more redneck than that,’ Denny assures me. Not that I wanted or needed assurance. I’m taking off my make-up in front of the bathroom mirror and Denny is standing off to the side, behind me. My mind is going back to my youth and contrasting it with life… Continue reading Episode 36 – Redneck