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Episode 31 – Google Docs

“OK, I figured something out,” I’ve been working on a spreadsheet in Google Docs, something Denny introduced to me this week. I knew about Google Drive, but I didn’t know about Google Docs and Sheets. So, there are a few gaps in my computer knowledge. “What’s that?” “I now know what it means to ‘wrap… Continue reading Episode 31 – Google Docs

Everyday Life, Family Life

Episode 29 – A Perfect Rainy Day

I selected two meats, a vegetable and a fried rice at the Bourbon Grill in the food court at the mall, to take home. “I like the supper you made,” Denny tells me as we sit down to Bourbon grilled chicken, stir fried beef and green beans in our own home. Where we grew up,… Continue reading Episode 29 – A Perfect Rainy Day