Fiction, Situational Comedy

Episode 22 – Leg Press

“Last year I couldn’t do this. I’d fall right over. I didn’t have the strength in my foot. Look at me.” I look at Denny and he is standing on one foot, bobbing up and down from heal to toe. He’s pretty pleased. “What I’ve been doing has worked. I have strength in my foot… Continue reading Episode 22 – Leg Press

Family Life, Situational Comedy

Episode 13 – Shooting and Golf

One of my favorite games used to be Bombs and Bells, a computer version of a shooting game. It worked well on our 386 computer, but when we upgraded it wasn’t the same anymore and I missed it. My mom’s side of the family has a history of shooting. Denny’s family shoots too but they… Continue reading Episode 13 – Shooting and Golf