Family Life

Episode 55 – Listen to the Birds

“Listen to the birds. Listen to them,” Denny tells me attentively. I listen. I was talking to Denny and hadn’t even heard them. Now the birds stop. I say something and they start again. “They hear me talking and then they sing.” I listen and the birds are quiet. I say something and they start… Continue reading Episode 55 – Listen to the Birds

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Episode 54 – Ordinary People

Denny is changing into his gym clothes. He has his shirt off. He walks over to me and points to a spot just below his shoulder, “See that little bit? That’s new muscle.” “Wow.” “See that?” He points to the other shoulder front, “That’s happened since I started going to the gym.” “Pretty impressive.” Denny… Continue reading Episode 54 – Ordinary People

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Episode 50 – Virtual Files

“The clinic has called me four times to confirm that I am going to my doctor’s appointment next week. I wonder what’s up with that?” “They’re just calling because they got your test results back.” “They only call if there’s something wrong.” “They call for all results, now. They’ve changed it.” I haven’t heard of… Continue reading Episode 50 – Virtual Files