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Episode 63 – Is That a Purse, Mr. Denny?

“Would you like some eggs?” Denny asks me from the kitchen. “Sure. And if you could grill a bit of tomato on the side, that would be great. And put the eggs on a bed of spinach. You probably won’t have time to do hashbrowns, though.” “No, I won’t.” Denny is off to work this… Continue reading Episode 63 – Is That a Purse, Mr. Denny?

Family Life

Episode 62 – Phone Plans

I think I get a certain look on my face when I am in writing mode, and I think Denny can tell when I’m mentally taking notes. Sometimes he tells me, “You should put that in your book.” As we were driving in the rain yesterday, heading north, up the I-5 to the Peace Arch… Continue reading Episode 62 – Phone Plans

Family Life, Senior Life

Episode 50 – Virtual Files

“The clinic has called me four times to confirm that I am going to my doctor’s appointment next week. I wonder what’s up with that?” “They’re just calling because they got your test results back.” “They only call if there’s something wrong.” “They call for all results, now. They’ve changed it.” I haven’t heard of… Continue reading Episode 50 – Virtual Files