Fiction, Humor, Situational Comedy

Episode 52 – Play Some More Banjo

“Play some more banjo.” Sometimes Denny just wants to talk. Right now, I want to write. I have been entertaining him, or more accurately, he has been entertaining me, for about an hour now. I am sitting in bed with my laptop, propped up with pillows behind my back. Denny is standing in the doorway… Continue reading Episode 52 – Play Some More Banjo

Fiction, Humor

Episode 48 – My Mother

I don’t know why but I’m shaking. This morning when I got up I had pain across my mid back. I’ve been in for tests this week. I kept this information about my doctor's visits and tests out of my conversation with my mom, when I called her a couple of days ago. I hadn’t… Continue reading Episode 48 – My Mother